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Government Internships and Learnerships – SA Gov Jobs

In the heart of South Africa, where the sun shines bright and the spirit of Ubuntu thrives, lies a golden opportunity for the youth. With an unemployment rate that’s more stubborn than a Jozi taxi in rush hour, government internships and learnership programs are beacons of hope. So, grab a cup of rooibos, sit back,

Media24 Journalism Internship – SA Gov Jobs

Media24, South Africa’s premier media company, is offering an exciting opportunity for budding journalists in Johannesburg and Cape Town. As part of the Media24 Graduate Programme, the company is seeking digitally savvy journalists to join their team starting February 2024. This internship is an excellent chance for individuals passionate about storytelling in the digital age

BCG’s Consulting Internship – SA Gov Jobs

Boston Consulting Group (BCG), renowned for pioneering business strategy since 1963, now offers an exceptional opportunity for aspiring consultants in Johannesburg. True to their mission of partnering with leaders to address crucial challenges and seize significant opportunities, BCG’s 4-week internship programme is a gateway for individuals to delve into the dynamic world of management consulting.