I am a second year B.com Financial Accounting student
at the university of Western Cape, looking for employment
to fund my studies. I am a dedicated hard-working person
with the abilities to balance work and studies. I am goal-driven, persevere, organized and articulate, seeking for
an opportunity to show my abilities and skills and bring
value to any organisation or employer that hires me.
Highlights of my skills:
• Effectively manage my time through careful
planning and organization of school and work
• Possess aptitude for identifying and resolving
problems efficiently.
• Possess excellent communication and socializing
skills and great ability to work with people that result
in positive interpersonal relationships.
• Very numeric and analytic thinker, as a result of the
course that I study.
• I pride myself in possessing integrity and punctuality
as part of my virtues.
With my capabilities, I am very flexible and able to adapt
to any work environment and learn fast.
Strong computer skills and proficiency in MS office.
I am certain that I would be an asset to any position/
employment that requires enthusiasm, hard-work,
determination and reliability.

Last Resume Update Oct 13, 2020
Address CAPE TOWN, South Africa
E-mail nodanwabisa@gmail.com
Phone Number 0784961309

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