I am the New Broom, that will Sweep Clean.

When I, Greg Scott, was employed by AirServ Cayman Islands, the following occurred:


I was hired to replace the outgoing General Manager and to allow the owner's son(C.E.O.) and his wife(C.F.O.) maturity leave while I repaired the company. On April 30th, 2013, I arrived on island and received a one week debrief of the situation only to find out that the company had:


90 employees = Only 36 who were productive while All of them were disgruntled and owed wages.


18 Suppliers = All accounts were suspended and into collections so we had no/zero purchasing powers less cash.


9 company vehicles = 4 of which were in various stages of repair and licensing.


3 Major (+ $540K), On-Going contracts = 2 of which were in disarray and facing Breach of Contract charges.


5 Medium (+$180K - $540K), On-Going contracts = All of which, we were being threatened to be "kicked-off site".


1 Minor (-$180K), On-Going contract = which was behind schedule and over budget.


Needless to say our customers were in revolt, our employees were disgruntled and the company was "in the tank". Despite it's potential it appeared that AirServ Cayman Islands was being sunk. Immediately we began down-sizing staff and reducing over-heads across the board. First I froze my pay and then over the course of the next three weeks I had all of the managers changed from weekly pay to a monthly salary. All labourers’ wages were fixed and volunteers were recruited to work over-time at regular rates. All of this very quickly created a team of co-workers and weeded out the less passionate. I was able to identify the employees who were most interested in expressing their potential and set about to restructure each department. In the beginning we had field divisions of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sheet Metal and Construction which included general labour.


A running cost analysis was done on each division and then they were amalgamated into departments. Mechanical and Electrical were united. Plumbing , Sheet Metal and Construction were united and then new Managers were appointed to run each department. This got rid of division in a literal sense and united our trades. Immediately each became profitable and now with the field in order I was able to focus on cleaning-up the office. A new Office Manager/Administrator was appointed and put in charge of all aspect of the business. Together with her Guidance and Business Acumen, we were able to remedy each disposition within the company. Each of the new Managers were made well aware of the full scope of our disposition and together with them leading in the field and cleaning-up that mess, we were able to focus on the Office's reconstruction and development. We focussed on the Business, Accounts Management and Contract Reconciliation. Utilizing tact and ability we managed to get all of our contracts up to speed and made current.


With our new/old(restructured) team, we were able to quill the tempest, create a cash-flow and with each day, any and all residuals were forwarded to arrears and utilized to further our progress. Day by Day we dug ourselves out of the red and into the black. Within 5 weeks we had all of our suppliers account's back on line, all irreconcilable employees had be released from duty and duly remunerated. Our vehicle fleet was reduced to 5 licensed vehicles and made profitable. Our contracts were brought up to speed and made profitable. The company improvements continued and in a relatively short period of time we were able to turn the company around. Through teamwork and compartmentalized leadership with guided Over-Sight, we were able to repair the company and make it profitable again.


This transformation would not of been possible without the insight and participation of the Team which we created. Thru due diligence and dedication to the cause we were able to utilize structured measures to re-stimulate the company's potential. We reduced over-heads, lowered running costs and increased productivity. All of this enabled us to further our cause and to increase our profitability. My skills and ability are such that I am able to see, diagnose and remedy thru situations which cause others to stumble. I am ready, willing and available to commence immediately. Thank-You, for this opportunity. I look forward to being of service.


Yours In Faith,



Greg Scott.




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