1. ‚óŹ Cover letter. Highest form of qualification: Retail certificate, I am a part time student at UNISA doing diploma in law Short description of my sales or marketing ,My previous job I was a customer service representative, our company was selling digital and physical products, I was attending to customer questions, making and answering calls, processing online orders and keeping customers up-to-date with their orders, ensuring customer service at my best.I believe I have enough experience to fill the role, I am reliable and trustworthy, I pride myself for meeting deadlines and for having good time management skills. I am able to multitask and I can handle pressure. I chose this path because I am passionate about selling products, involving myself into advertising through social media. I also find it as hardworking, because people don't just buy your products you need to convince them by explaining how your products will better their lives, and it improves my strategic thinking, helps me prepare myself for presenting about a particular product. It is fun at times, but mostly challenging, frustrating. I personally think social media is the best way to get a lot of customers, it gives me a chance to reach potential customers I could not reach through phone calls and so forth, It will help me spread my brand or product quickly in a relaxed and conversational way. What I love is that I get to help people by meeting their needs and satisfying them, depending on what I'm selling, I get to learn new things everyday about people and also about products. I love talking a lot that's the best part, I can talk to an uninterested customer until they change their minds about my product.
Last Resume Update Oct 15, 2020
Address Pretoria, South Africa
E-mail goodnes.cassie@yahoo.com
Phone Number 0665394879
Website https://www.linkedin.com/in/goodnes-cassie-298a64b1

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