PEP Jobs – Launch Your Retail Career

PEP is a leading retailer offering a variety of job opportunities across their nationwide stores. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or a supervisory role, PEP has openings for passionate individuals ready to deliver excellent customer service.

Available PEP Jobs


As a PEP cashier, you’ll be the face of the brand, handling transactions and interacting directly with customers daily. Excellent communication skills are a must for this hands-on role.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Keep PEP stores looking spotless by applying for cleaning and maintenance positions. A clean, well-organized shopping environment is key to providing a top-notch customer experience.

Security Guard

Ensure safety for customers and staff alike as a PEP security guard. This role requires assertiveness and the ability to manage difficult situations calmly.

Retail Warehouse Worker

Behind the scenes, retail warehouse workers at PEP pack, ship, and inspect merchandise before it hits the sales floor. Some heavy lifting may be involved.

Customer Service Representative

Build your problem-solving talents in a customer service role at PEP. You’ll be the point person for addressing customer inquiries and complaints professionally.

Team Leaders & Floor Managers

Take on a leadership position as a team leader or floor manager. You’ll support frontline staff and ensure supreme service and operational standards are met.

Apply For PEP Jobs Today

Explore all the latest PEP job openings and submit your application. PEP is an equal opportunity employer valuing diversity and growth.

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