This is the position everyone thinks of when they hear “retail jobs.” It is hands-on, and you get a chance to communicate with customers of all types — yes, even the difficult ones.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A clean, well-maintained store is a must to keep customers coming back. Seek out a position in cleaning to help the store deliver an optimal customer experience.

 Security Guard

There may be times when customers get a little too difficult — that’s where the security guard comes in! This position is essential for any store, and if you’re strong and willing to stand your ground, a security guard job may be right for you.

Retail Warehouse Worker

Similar to a stocker position, a retail warehouse worker is responsible for packing and shipping stock that is to be sold in stores. You might need to do some heavy lifting and quick checks on merchandise for defects that may have been previously overlooked.

Customer Service Representative

Ever had a bad experience with customer service, but didn’t know how to fix it? Become a customer service representative yourself and make other customers happy! This job will help you develop a talent for dealing with even the most difficult customers.

Team Leaders & Floor Managers

Even within a store, it may be difficult to stay in touch with every employee. That’s where a team leader or floor manager comes in! You’ll be the middle man who communicates with other team leaders and keeps everyone else in the loop.