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Mr Price, a leading South African retailer, is continuously seeking talented individuals to join their dynamic workforce. From customer-facing roles to operational support and management positions, explore the various Mr Price jobs and vacancies available across the country.

In-Store Mr Price Jobs

Cashier Jobs

As a cashier at Mr Price, you’ll be the face of the brand, handling transactions and providing exceptional customer service on the front lines.

Customer Service Representative Roles

Become a customer service representative and develop your talent for resolving customer inquiries and ensuring a positive shopping experience.

Security Guard Positions

Maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and staff by applying for security guard jobs at Mr Price stores.

Operational and Support Mr Price Jobs

Cleaning & Maintenance

Contribute to delivering an optimal shopping environment by exploring cleaning and maintenance positions at Mr Price stores.

Retail Warehouse Worker

Support stock management and distribution by joining as a retail warehouse worker, responsible for packing, shipping, and inspecting merchandise.

Management and Leadership Roles

Team Leader and Floor Manager

Take on a leadership role as a team leader or floor manager, overseeing in-store operations and ensuring seamless communication across teams.

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With a diverse range of opportunities catering to various skills and interests, Mr Price offers rewarding job openings for those seeking a career in the dynamic retail industry.

Don’t hesitate to explore the latest Mr Price jobs and vacancies and kickstart your journey towards professional growth and success.